Thanks to everyone whose reads this blog – particularly those who have been here since the Picador Poetry Prize and are new to my work.  It’s an awesome thing to be communicating with real readers.

I’m going to be changing how I use this blog and what is up here.  I have set up www.edwardmackay.com as I am increasingly being asked where people can find some of my work.  Please take a look, I hope you like it.

In turn, I want to use this site to experiment with drafts and forms and things which are unfinished and in progress – and it’s always felt problematic to be trying to achieve both a corkboard and a showcase on this site.  As ever, comments and reflections are immensely useful.  I am also starting a prose blog which I want to use to explore some ideas that I keep returning to that are only obliquely related to my poetry.  Thanks for reading – I hope the next incarnation of this blog and the website will be of interest.


2 thoughts on “www.edwardmackay.com

  1. I’ve not read your blog in FAR too long. Excellent work, as usual. I have some catching up to do. Thanks as always for allowing the internet a glimpse of your work!

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