Local Man

Birmingham man, Edward Mackay today pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated burglary.  It is thought that the last person to see Edward Mackay alive was his daughter, Edward Mackay, last Thursday when they met for coffee at Edward Mackay’s cafe.  Professor Edward Mackay announced today that he had made a significant breakthrough in the fight against colon cancer.  Princess Edward Mackay of Sweden today announced her engagement to dutch financier, Edward Mackay.  A new film was released yesterday from writer-director Edward Mackay, starring aging action hero Edward Mackay playing opposite leading lady Edward Mackay, reprising her oscar-winning turn as the eponymous Edward Mackay, from the 2007 film of the same name.  The body of Edward Mackay was today unearthed under the patio of Mr and Mrs Edward Mackay who are helping police with their enquiries.  Euphoric England captain Edward Mackay, today led his team to a historic victory and retook the ashes.  A defeated Edward Mackay blamed his team’s lacklustre performance on low morale following former teammate Edward Mackay’s disqualification last month in a doping scandal.  Texas governor, Edward Mackay. was tonight unrepentant and insisted that his state would push ahead with tomorrow’s planned execution of convicted mentally-subnormal man, Edward Mackay, who was just 15 years old when he killed his foster mother Edward Mackay in 1987.  President Edward Mackay of Burkino Faso this afternoon agreed to a raft of trade liberalisation measures under pressure from a WTO delegation led by retired economics professor and Nobel laureate, Edward Mackay.  And finally, rock musician Edward Mackay has teamed up with television comedian Edward Mackay to highlight the plight of children living with Edward Mackay syndrome by swimming the English Channel.  Prime Minister Edward Mackay sent them his best wishes.

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