swells out our vacancies and fills
our absences, takes our external things –
depressions, marks and habits
of our habitation – makes the shapes
of people in them, evens out
our imprints on the world.  Snow’s own
armies march down sunken lanes;
park benches pillow snow, like sleepers;
outdoor chairs are slouched with snow,
like sitters; boots left out to air at back doors
get cold feet and shuffle at the thresholds
of our warmer places.
So we step, again,
into the snow, impress ourselves, again,
on blanknesses that know our shapes
already with the mind of winter – beautifully
know no thing – no such nothing, take
the uncompared impressions of the urgency
and hesitation, eagerness and shiftings
of each footprint – just as singular and fleeting
as each flake and equally indifferent to the whole.

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